Akira kun

boku no monogatari
2005-04-20 08:11:48 (UTC)

I'm going Home

Today, I already had my tickets ,"Ticket" yes, going
back home for 14 years, I dont know what I'm feeling now.
This is my first time to experience. For long 14 years, I
can hug now my mother , I can see my home land again, I'll
be with my children.. we can go together any where we
wanted for fun or whatever...I missed many things... This
is now my time .. to do all those things I should do...to
fix what I need to fix., to see what I need to see, to
decide what I need to decide, to talk to whom I should
talk, to greet everyone I shoud to greet , for long 14
years.... This is my Time...I'm very optimistic everytime,
since Lord is on my side.......

Inspite of all of this....
there still tears on me.....
cause I'll going to leave my wife alone here....
working far from our homeland....we talked already,
soon we will be together........

akira kun

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