Razorblade Kiss
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2005-04-19 21:58:41 (UTC)

Green webbed, Pink ribbons

I am finished.
they have caught me in their green web of hate
and I am suspended here, lonely.
here I sit.
sitting in their pretty blue room with their pretty white
smile in their
pretty pink ribbons.
the blue room is my cell.
the smile is my cracked and wretched teeth.
the pink ribbons are my tattered clothes which cover my
scarred body.
and in their world I sit.
bound in their green web of hate, and bearing their
pink ribbon, as
I die
my own death.

BB:I composed this poem in one of the most stressful
of my life. I was failing in school, I was decimated by a
liar and a cheat, and every relationship I had ever had
burning down around me. I was truly dying inside and
poem seemed to be my soul's eulogy.