goddess of imaginary light
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2005-04-19 21:40:15 (UTC)

passion growing

We live for love

im so happy!!!!
god i love him
ive only said that
to one other person and he was a complete
asshole...and i was decieved in my feelings!!!
if you all knew
Brandon, then you understand

scott is the most genuinely kind, honest,
compassionate, and heart felt person ive ever known.
hes not afraid to talk about the feelings he has, and makes
me realize i dont need to get drunk to have fun
i dont need to hide my insecurities to feel safe
when summer ends, he returns from the tour,
and rapping up the fall semester...we plan on moving in
at this point it will be a year...but i have no doubt it
will last
something about this time around seems so stable
unlike other relationships ive had i have a feeling
this one's for real....