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2005-04-19 15:39:38 (UTC)

wild zero

so for you who read my journal the movie i was talking
about the other day is called wild zero and here is brief
summary of itAliens are invading the planet and turning
humans into zombies. After saving his heros, Guitar Wolf,
from their manager, and having the honour of becoming
their blood brother, wannabe rocker Ace finds himself
caught up in the carnage. He didn't think he'd need Guitar
Wolf's help quite so soon. plus theres also a
transvestite love affair involved. def. a must see for
anyone who likes zombie movies or drinking games.

also devin if you read this i got my plane ticket IM me
some night when you get online or call me at home 607 869
5606 or at work 607 869 4451. i stayed up last night till
like 4 oclock i was in one of my creative moves so i sat
outside and did nothing for a little bit, went for a walk
wrote some music and then finally went to bed. back up at
9 for no apparent reason, but whatever. i'm off to get
some lunch and maybe play a quick round of golf.

hugs and kisses and bedtime wishes sent from a far
from russia with love

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