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2005-04-19 11:48:59 (UTC)


What's up everyone? To my little fan club who just "love" to read
this junk, I figured that I would enter more into this thing. Yesterday
I received an e-mail back from MoMo... he gave me his cell
number for Toy and also for me to call him too... which I know is
only as a friend, but it still makes me feel guilty for wanting to call
him after I told her that I would stay away from him and talk to him
"for her" if she would do the same for me with Phil. But now, I
actually want to call him.... not on anymore than a friend basis, but
just to call him and see how everything is going... but for whatever
reason I will feel guilty if I do call him, so maybe i won't... I dunno...
but I will write more later....
1 life, much love, xoxo

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