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2005-04-19 09:09:03 (UTC)

thinking of you anyway

i've been thinking about you
how life would be if we were meant to be
it'll be so much joy....
it'll be so much fun...
it'll be full of happiness...
that's because i love you
and there's no greater feeling than that
a feeling that made me so alive
a feeling that made me look forward to a new life
it's only you who had ever made me feel this way
so sad, how come i think you don't feel it
could something that feels this right be wrong?
impossible..... but nothing is really impossible
maybe it's just me
maybe it's just my silly dreams
and my silly fantasies
maybe, it's just my imagination
blame it on love, who made me so blind,
stupid, and naive, i may add
what should i do.... what can i do?
as of now nothing.... i'm slaved by this feeling
time will heal.... i hope it'd be soon
i don't want to stay inside a dream.....