K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
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2005-04-19 05:15:17 (UTC)

We haven't seen the last of him.

A soap opera couldn't have drwan out our non break-up. I
say non because we pussyfooted so long with "the final
goodbye", that we wound up promising to cll each other and
discuss things further. This after minutes, of dramtaic
tension, and both of us confessing how tired we were that
things weren't clickin. And as much as I hate to let him
go, I won't beg him to stay. I won't beg him to stay even
though I know how lonely things will be again. What
getting off work to come home to nothing day after day. I
will begin to question my significantly meaningless
existance.I'm tryin not to show that I'm not as affected
as he is, so i hug and try to console, as he breathes
heavy and his voice cracks in my ear. I feel like a
flaming bitch but the shit he'd try to pull would drive me
insane. Oh well..we'll always have jamaica. Friday i plan
on buyin my ticket, then I'm set