~~~~~~~HeLeN'z DiArY (o'_~o)~~~~
2005-04-19 04:25:31 (UTC)


this morning started out very interesting. it was the
first time in my life dreaming about myself dying and that
ppl around me didnt seem like they gave a damn about
my "death". i was crying in the dream and potentially i
was telling myself to wake up and i really felt the tears
in my eyes when i was up.....

got realli freaked out ever since. all the sudden i
rememebered reading something about dreamz from kai's
xanga and i called him immediately... here is what he told
me: (btw thanks kai for calming me down)

夢 見 自 己 傷 心 落 淚 , 醒 來 覺 得 像 真 的 哭 過 , 有點累 ,
表 示 你 能 交 上 一 個 好 朋 友 ,還 是 患 難 之 交 。

夢 見 自 己 死 去 , 唔 使 咁 驚 ! 事 實 剛 好 相 反 , 表示 你 將
會 長 壽 , 或 有 親 戚 會 生 小 孩, 或 許 久 沒 見 的 人 將 會 來
訪 , 全 是 好 消 息。

have been feeling the neusea ever since i woke up but i
think i am fine... work was okay just helping out with
interline pax and stuff... well gotta finish up my essay
now....... take care folks

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