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2005-04-19 03:40:24 (UTC)


"You may push me around, but you cannot win.
You may throw me down, but I'll rise again.
The more you say, the more I defy you,
so get out of my face!!!

You cannot stop us, you cannot bring us down!
Never give up, we go on and on.
You'll never break us, never birng us down.
We are alive!!!

The wind blows. I'll lean into the wind.
My anger grows, I'll use it to win.
The more you say, the more I defy you,
So get out of my way!!!"
- Dexter Holland of the Offspring,
"Defy You" from the ORANGE COUNTY soundtrack.

My Experimental play is going to be perfromed on May
4th. Audience wise, I'm only expecting one person (a friend
from Biology in a wheelchair) and hoping for my best friend
to come down from Utah. Does that bother me, that I have
only one person for certain who's coming to see the play I
wrote, directed, acted and mixed sound for? Not at all.
That's actually two more than I expected.

My family- Sister, Dad and my Mom- know of my play, and
none of them have asked to be there. I DON'T CARE AT ALL
ABOUT THAT. My mother, bless her soul, doesn't understand
what acting means to me, but I still love her anyway. My
Dad- fucking forget the ex-singer/ alcoholic, he's nothing
but a hyprocrite (it's good for my sister to be on stage,
but me? No, I belong off the stage. FUCK OFF.) And my
Sister- screw her, of lack of better words. She's had my
fucking script for two months, it's 10 friggin' pages, but
she'd rather fuck her boyfriend and pretend that she has a
24-7 job. All I care about is getting a responce from the
audience, be them total strangers or family or friends, and
I damn well am going to get one.

That song, "Defy You." I never really gave much thought
to the lyrics. When I first heard it, I didn't think much of
it,just another kick ass song by the Offspring, but now that
I actually think about the lyrics, that song defines me in
more ways than one. It's nothing like WANT YOU BAD, which is
totally about me 110%, from the lyrics to the art (this
opinion coming from my best friend), or WORST HANGOVER EVER,
but still a song that defines me. That's the wierd thing
about the Offspring- shit like this happenes all the time
with their lyrics.