Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-04-19 02:51:51 (UTC)

Nothing new under the sun

Okay, let's see how much positivity we can muster up. My
problems are no more important to the world than anyone
else's. Who am I to complain...too much...since I can't
help doing it a little:) After the heat slowly left the
day, the weather was nice. I just wish my blasted air
conditioner worked. I'm really lonely. Whit's house
sitting for a week, so I'm all alone. Everything's
building up on me. Thursday will suck the worst, but hey I
just have to keep thinking, it'll all be over soon, buckle
down, dig in the heals, and keep pushing on. Kind of a
rough day at first. I was just lonely though, after I
found some friends that would talk to me I was fine. We're
all a little stressed now with one thing or another or
several. I hung out with whit most of the evening so maybe
I'll be ok tongiht. I'm just so tired and hungry and can't
get any food or sleep until after I move my car to
Indiana. I'm so worried. Cars scare me. blah... I wish
there was someone to ride with me as well who was competent
in case something happens on the way, but I'll make due...I
always manage to. There's so much in my mind, but so
little wants to be expressed here, so I'll hold it inside
til I know how I want to place those feelings. Hopefully I
can channell them into study energy, not study
distractions. I just don't know how I'm going to study in
all this heat. Oh well.

One thing I do have to say: I thank the Lord so much for
my friends here. If it were not for them I think I would
be home by now. They support me when I'm down, teach me in
my ignorance, and take care of me in my weakness. I'm
going to miss them terribly this summer. Thank you so much
guys, all of you, for being there...even though very few of
you will ever know.

Oh! Today Chorale sang at Mr Neely's retirement luncheon.
What a moving experience. Even in the short time I've been
here, I've experienced his kindness and radiant
personality. He has touched many lives and left a legacy
in his work that will continue many years after he is gone.

I miss're not even gone yet... or are you?

Final thought: And until we meet again, until we meet
again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.