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2005-04-19 00:50:16 (UTC)


Last night I fell asleep around 5... and I didnt get up
this morning until around 10. Crazy!!! So all day i have
had a head ache from sleeping too much. Go figure. I woke
up... called my mom and had her come get me so i could take
the car and go work out. The gym is really nice. The
tredmills have fans on them... I thought that was
cool...and I guess you can bring head phones to listen to
the tvs.... they have like 15 different stations. The
tanning beds are great too. The stand up has the bulbs that
go all around... like an orbit bed...and i dont have to pay
anything extra how nice. Shit even if i didnt work out i
would keep the membership for the tanning! So after that I
went home took a shower... went to Natalies... then we went
to her mom's work... went to the bank. We we to pep boys to
get a lisence plate cover... and then we drove to sylvan
beach and walked around. We ate at eddies... I had ice
cream and she had pie. my face got sun burned today. It
hurts. I had to work tonight 4-8. It wasn't too bad. Fred
left early tonight so it was kind of boring. He is my
favorite old person there. He is so sweet. He calls me
baby. haha.

Right now I am going to go call Timothy. Because I miss
him. I was supposed to call him yesterday but I was

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