2005-04-18 23:46:40 (UTC)

hip hop Anonymous

today was an ok day.....

i went to bed late last night having fun on the phone with marsh..it was
fun....and then the morning came to early.....

andy still needs to get me those greed shorts... : D

lunch was greeaat even with the absence of elena....the field outside has
become our gothic field....its a -freaking-mazing.....

me n kathryn had fun picking flowers as we walked home catching up on
old times and laughing our heads off.....heather is soooo cute

well sumthign weird happened with my knee today.....it swellled liek a
ballooon and i had to go to urgent care....trapped fluid and inflamation
they said...so i have to get the fluid removed at my next apptment in
about a week...

at the doctor a girl game in and passed out...it was scary...but it turns
out all she needed was a juice box.,...

elena and me had good times out on her driveway...and she loves my
computer... 0 : D

well peace love n cupcakes

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