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2005-04-18 23:25:37 (UTC)

Promised, and comlants.

They promised to quit being boring. Of course nobody
remembers that promise now that we are here. I was so
excited to go to this great out door mall. We get there and
the first thing I hear is, "Lets go to the Pottery Barn
Outlet." uggg, I hate decorating. So I think to my self
i can handle one of these stores. An hour later all the
are screaming and hungary, nobody can figure out what is
wrong with them. I of course understood. We went out. Then
we went to lunch. I was happy, a break from decorating. We
go back, "Ok lets go to the create and barrel now."
UGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. need I say more. Lets just say the hole
went like this. I ended up shopping by myself. Sometimes I
wish I was that I had someone my age. That would be nice,
then I might feel like that for once I fit in with my
family. I fit in when I am the only child, I miss the good
old days when siblings would come home for 1 or 2 days.
leave, we always got along then. Not that we don't get
now, Idk I guess things are different. Well I gtg. I am
tired of complaing. It is nice for a little while, then it
just gets old. Well I gtg. this was a very weird entry,
Idon't feel very good about writing it. Idk why. When I was
little I used to beg my parents to adopt someone my age.
Well I gtg. I need to figure out why I feel so bad about
writing this, maybe because it is hard for me not to fit
in. IDK why..... If ne of you have ideas why, please tell

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