Heaven cried tears of blood
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2005-04-18 23:22:45 (UTC)


so i guess now its over
i guess now everythings done
i guess i ruined it
im the reason why you run
i guess i should let you go
i guess i should try to forget
but no matter what you could ever say
ill never regret a moment
ill never regret a tear
ill never regret the feeling
the feeling i get when you're near
im sorry if i hurt you
im sorry if i angered you
and im sorry that my actions
are the reason why you dont care
so i guess that its over
i guess i should just let go
i guess i should let you have it your way
but ive got to let you know
that no matter what you say
and no matter what you do
ill still be right here waiting
waiting to hold onto you