Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-04-18 21:32:07 (UTC)

Oompa Loompa, doopity doo!

Hmm ... well I got some *cough* interesting hate mail from
Zak. And then he sent an aology letter, so I guess we're
cool now.

They said something about Kade planning to run away
tonight. *sighs* I dont want him to. I feel bad about it,
but I kinda want him to go to the hospital. He says he
might do something insane in there, but really ... what
could he do? He couldnt hurt himself ... and two years in
a rehab is far better then the rest of his life in juovi
or something or other.

I had fun over the weekend I guess. For a weekend puppy
sitting and horsey watching that is. Scott and I had fun.
and I hope to see him again some day.

Gah. Im pretty sure he doesnt read these anymore, so I
think I can talk about Nik freely.
Well ... idk he's just seemed diffrent lately I guess. It
just reminds me of .. how he was acting when he broke up
with me .. and that scares me. Idk maybe Im just being
paranoid, but it worries me. WHat would I do? Where would
I be? Or more so, where wouldnt I be?
Idk I guess Ill just have to talk to him about it tonight
or something. I dont want to though. I think Im being
stupid, but what if Im not? Im dreading that Im not being
stupid. For once, Id rather be proven that Im being