My So Called Life
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2005-04-18 20:34:52 (UTC)


Things have kind of been better more or less since last entry...

My mom and I have finally found a place to stay (at least,
until something opens up). It's an apartment, and I'll have
my own bathroom. Only problem is the room I'll be in is a
lot smaller than the one I have now, so I'm going to have to
fit ALL my stuff into the new room...going to get cousin to
help me w/ that hopefully...

I will also be going to a new school next year, which means
I'm going to have to leave all my friends and make new
ones...BUT: I'll be at the same school as my cousin that
I've grown up with all my life (and my parents got divorce
final today), so I'll still get to see my cousin.

No idea what else to write, more next time..


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