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2005-04-18 20:30:41 (UTC)

wild distractions from worthless people...

kt b told me today that belle was doing impressions of me
today. lmao, typical 2-faced belle/kb. i emailed her, and
belle was like "i was doing it about everyone"...lg
apparantly went on about how i hate damien, me calling her
"anal retentive" (lmao) and how i never invite her to mine
(i could tell with the way kb was like "well, you and her
always go around each others house")..lmao, that's the thing
with kt. she's so fucking easy to read. ben also apparantely
said i saaw "gawping" at gaz. erm, since when? ben's a
fucking gimp who needs to get back out with his geeky
friends (*cough*tim*cough*)...the thing is..i'm not bothered
in the slightest. i wanna make it out to be a big deal, coz
i want some excitement. everyone's boring as fuck these
days. i just ain't gonna talk to lg or ba at all..neither
belle...for a couple of weeks. they are pathetic. the lot of

i'm looking forward to fri. dwu...lg ISN'T fucking coming.
laughtons on sun night, but i doubt i'll have the money for
that, but i'll see what i can do.

i've lost my fucking bank book, so i can't get the 20 quid
from the bank i need for my passport. i really doubt it'll
come in time, so yeah, i'm fucked. i dunno what's gonna
happen to be honest.

i'm getting used to the fact that everyone (apart from the
person i care most about - soph) is moving, and to be
honest...it's slowly beginning to have a "so what" effect on
me. i'll do my a2's, i've got soph..then there's uni where i
step out into the world on my own. i can't wait. i can't
wait to just get out there and meet new people and do my own
thing without any wild distractions from worthless people.


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