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2005-04-18 20:17:03 (UTC)

You Can Make It C9

Jenna, as excited as she was, was feeling a sinking feeling
in her heart. Here they were on their way to the airport,
where as soon as Michael got there they would be taking off
to the great city of New York, but Heather didn’t share her
optimism. Jenna new why. She was torn between her dream and
her family. Jenna new exactly how that felt. Leaving her
grandfather behind wasn’t particularly easy. She would have
never have thought it would be that heart and lucky for
her, her granddad was pleased for her. Heathers family,
apart from the siblings were not.

Arriving at the airport as dinner approached, it seemed
strange to Jenna that a month ago she had to await the news
from Michael for her modelling career and now yet, she was
waiting for him to arrive again. Deep in thought Jenna
hadn’t noticed the car pull up. Feeling the impatient nudge
of Heather’s elbow, Jenna prompted herself. Elegance, she
thought as she noticed an assistant hurriedly rushing
towards the car from the direction of Michael and Simon.
Hmm… what was Simon doing there?
“Why do you think Simon is there?” Jenna queried Heather.
Heather had barely noticed the two gentlemen that stood
waiting patiently for them. Looking up, Heather
smiled. “Probably to say good bye to his darling”, or
probably to get his cut before she flies of to America.
Heathers thoughts were pushed out of her head when the
chauffeur opened the doors for them to climb out. She had
never been familiar with why they did this. After all,
wasn’t everyone capable of opening his or her own door to
get out? Jenna seemed to have cracked it though. “Thank
you”, Jenna said as she stretched her legs out in the most
effective way she could have. Was she trying to impress
Michael? Or Simon? Or could she possibly be practicing for
New York? Jenna did not need any practice: she was born to
do this.

“We thought you were going to be all day in that car,” said
Michael mockingly. With a flick of her hair, Heather smiled
sarcastically. “I wanted to chat to Jenna in privert”. She
was sure that was aloud. Heather carrying her own suit
case, finally aloud the assistant to take it from her. She
was independent around here! She was in fear of forgetting
to things that she was capable of doing. Jenna, however,
had always suited the life of this, or she dreamed it often
enough! Excitement over ruled any other emotion inside her
as she walked through a small corridor. Surprisingly, they
were led to a small bar. This made Jenna more excited.
“Simon wants to toast your break in New York” Michael
explained answering Heather quizzed look. Pulling out
Champagne that lay on a table close by, Michael handled the
bubbles well. Elegance that comes naturally heather thought
concentrating on his moves. There was no missing the
sparkle in Jennas eye as they toasted her. “To the
hopefully successful Jenna of New York”. As Jenna corrected
the ‘hopeful’, Heather placed her champagne down on the
table – not wanting to drink too much (she didn’t know what
her reaction was to flying yet). But deep down she knew
that is wasn’t because of that. She was put off drinking,
or eating for that matter, for today because she had told
Lee that Jenna was going away today. He didn’t like it,
that’s why she was worried. Might he do some thing stupid
like stop her? She didn’t think so. She specifically
mentioned they were in the presence of Michael Shay.
Everyone knew Michael Shay it appeared. So how come she
never had?

Flying for Jenna as much as for Heather, was a new
experience. As was flying in a first class jet owned by
Michael. Simon had left moments after there toast, claiming
he had to go and fetch a catch before kissing each of the
girls on the cheek and walking off. Now the girls sat next
to each other. Heather glazing out of the window, half
terrified, but concentrating too hard on not showing it,
that she forgot she was terrified! Jenna sat quietly
thinking and swirling an ice-cold glass of water in her
lip. Michael sat opposite them. How was it they seem so
close and are so different? He wondered glancing at each of
them. Looking up to take a sip of her water, Jenna caught
Michael looking at Heather. An exceptional long look, if
Jenna had anything to say about it! Smiling to herself, she
excused herself to go to the toilet. With a shrug of his
shoulders Michael let her pass.
“Where has she gone?” Heather said drawing her attention
away from the window as the jet was levelling on the
“To the toilet”
“Why are you looking at me like that?” Heather replied.
Some thing stirred in her as his gaze glided over her.
“Like what?”
Acting the innocent? She thought as much.
“I don’t know, you tell me,” Heather challenged. The
challenged reached her eyes and he acknowledged it. “I like
your eyes”
Heather stared at him disbelievingly. By her not answering
him, he carried on. “I like your lips to. They look
kissable.” Turning away to hide the blush turning into her
face she replied with mock dignity: “Shame you’ll never
find out if their kissable or not…” A smile curved on her
face as she saw the frown appear on his face. That wasn’t
all that appeared, Jenna emerged from the back of a jet
with a smile over her face. Obviously she had caught the
end of the conversation.

Between getting off the jet and travelling to the hotel,
Heathers emotions changed and Jennas boarded on excitement
and realisation. The change of accent, the change of shops,
the shoppers and the glitzy hotels dazzled her beyond her
dreams. Taking in every thing she tried to compose her self
in front of Michael. But it seemed he was too concerned
with the other man on his mobile to consider her reaction
to New York. But barely did she know that Michael wasn’t
concentrating on the man on the other side of his mobile
but on Heather. He had watched her face light up as she
looked around where she was travelling. Watched her glance
at Jenna and hold her gaze there. Then her attention went
back to the outside. This amused Michael. Obviously she was
a city girl, but how had she not have had a city girl
experience? Banishing all thoughts of her and clipping his
mobile shut, he asked his driver to turn to the right.
Within seconds they were standing outside their hotel and
waving Michael goodbye. “Oh my god, can you believe this?”
Jenna asked as they both were ushered into the
building. “Do you want me to pinch you?”
“Well get that look out of your eyes because it looks like
your dreaming!” Heather mumbled. Glancing at Heather for an
explanation, “It’s not elegant” Heather pleaded. Well it
certainly was not! It was actually the way the assistant
was ‘gawking’ at her. Probably thought them as Euro trash.
Dinner was again late and Heather felt her stomach
rumbling. Maybe she should have eaten some thing in the

“And who are you hear for?” The man said as they entered
the small, dimly lit restaurant. “Mr Michael Shay” Jenna
answered. The restaurant seemed to be based on Mahogany,
probably shipped in from Thailand, Heather thought looking
around. Judging by the smell of the lobster and spices,
they were probably shipped in from the Mediterranean! The
floor was also a Mahogany wood. “I’ll have to check that”
the man said walking away slowly. Whispering to Heather,
Jenna released her disgust about the waiter not believing
her. Heather shrugged it off. By now she had enough of
people judging her. Let them think what they like. Jenna
was distraught. Hadn’t she even seen the others? Obviously
the stuck out? “Over here please” Came the mans voice
again. Leading them down to where Michael sat with
colleagues and handing them a menu, Jenna and Heather took
their seats. It was pure bad luck that all his colleagues
were male and that he sat them both opposite, and away
from, each other. Heather seating next to Michael himself
(No surprise, thought Heather), with a man named Pete on
her other side, who was followed by another man and
another, then Jenna. Jenna had also two men on her other
side. It was uncomfortable for both of them. Not one
female, Heather swore in her head. Unfortunately, Michael
was in conversation with the man on the other side of him,
which left Heather to talk to Pete. Then occasionally look
up at Jenna who trying so hard to conceal her emotions of
laughter, as the boys cracked her up, and discomfort as the
flirted. Pete however was friendly and welcoming. “So you
have come down here to work with Shay?” The man quizzed.
The man who sat at a comfortable position, as not to invade
her space, had blond hair that was perfectly cut into a
boyish style. His darker tan suggested he wasn’t from New
York. “Actually, I’m not working with Shay”, she paused.
Paused because she felt him tense against her side. Then
she carried on, “I’m working with Jenna who is working with
Shay”. His eyes widened obviously catching Michael tense
and looking into his light blue eyes he thought they were
an item. “Oh” He replied in a tone Heather relished. “Were
not to together or anything. I’m just here for Jennas sake”
to put it in better terms… But did she want them to be?
Maybe. “I wasn’t suggesting you two were”
“I saw it in your eyes what you were thinking!” Heather
As the evening finally came to an end, Heather exchanged
numbers with Pete who promised to take her out. The look on
Michaels face wasn’t anything to miss. Probably no one did.
Remembering everyone’s name was hard so Jenna had to
whisper everyone to her. Well at least some one was paying
attention, Michael thought has he shook hands and forced
They were sleepy when Michael walked them to their hotel.
And to their room… But all intrusion failed when an
extremely beautiful blond “recognised” Michael.