If Only....
2005-04-18 18:07:30 (UTC)

God give me style and give me grace...

1:53 PM

Consumption of:
* 1 glass of peach orange mango juice
* 2 slices of italian style bread with lite olive oil and
ground black pepper and basil leaves

Excluding the numerous cigarettes and resin bowl I smoked

So, I had taken it upon myself to write Krystal a
note...Not near as harsh as the last one. Actually, it is
quite forgiving. Anyways, I am anticipating receiving a
note from her because Lindsey had recently emailed me
saying that Krystal was sending a note to me. But more
than likely, I won't receive it because Lindsey believes
she accidentally gave Krystal the wrong address. Oh well!
I am about to head off to my counseling session. I don't
really know what to say. I am lost for words because I
keep writing. I had re-read my other diary.....Modest"Life
Taxi for Ugly" and when I went to re-read this, I gave up.
Mostly because I don't want to look over all the crap I
scribbled in here..Assuming that overlooking it might re-
trigger negative thoughts and feelings that I do not need
to consume me at this moment. Urgh! I am going to go. This
has been a pointless entry. Thanks for reading anyways,
those who do.

God put a smile upon your face....

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