' Bloop '.
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2005-04-18 17:27:48 (UTC)


Isn't it funny how one person can make you seem very small
indeed? Mmmmmlh. You KNOWS who I mean, bruv.

Today was right rubbish.
I didn't do much at all. Brooker wrote lots on my mock
exam paper about beasts. Lets just say she crossed out the
word 'candidate' and replaced it with the word 'beast'.
She also replaced the word 'exam paper' with 'beast'. And
other random words with the word 'beast'. Then she read it
out: Cue huge laughing fit from Brooker and I. Oh dear,
small things..

Ooh, also we saw Sam (strange kid at school.) walking out
of the gates, and said "Hiya Sam, you beast!" or something
along those lines, and he stopped and said "RARR! RELEASE
THE BEAST WITHIN!" and did some strange hand movements.
Cue and even bigger laughing fit. Oh lordy.

Dinner was funny. We all decided we would enjoy going in
the libary. So we did. Char and myself read 'Smash Hits'
magazine. :D Corr. We read about Avril ("ROCK!") and McFly
("HARDCORE!"). It was super fun. Our crazy "speeeech
marks" eventually wound up the librarian and Char got us
all kicked out. HONESTLY.

I text Alex a lot today. ALEX I MISS YOU PLEASE COME BACK!

Someones phones being a bit rubbish like. PFFFFFFFT.

If you read all that, i'll give you a biscuit.


(RANDOM SIDE NOTE - I had a dream last night that me and
Nicola went to Japan. We went into this resturant and I
wanted to get some candyfloss but she wouldn't let me get
any. I think Freddles was in it too, somewhere. STRANGE.)