~*~Thoughts of a Freak~*~
2005-04-18 17:07:10 (UTC)

Such a horrible weekend.

Well Friday was ok. Me, Casey, and Keri hung out. Then at
about 11:00 Chase and Jeremy showed. Then Amber snuck out
and came over. Then when Heather got back from the
hospital she came over. She lost the fight but I don't
look down on her for that. Saturday I spent the morning
and afternoon chillin'. And then at about 3:00 Keri and I
helped Amber get ready for prom....... I think she looked
really pretty.. But other people thing otherwise... Well I
don't give a big rat's ass anymore... While Amber was at
prom I got ready and went to Jessica's party. It was cool.
Her cousin Mikey and I hung out. Then Big John, Detroit,
and Katie showed up there. Big John was telling me how
much of a 3 year old Heather was acting like. Well I was
ok that's great. Katie was giving me go to hell looks the
whole time. But I don't care. Sunday was ok...... I went
to church.. yea ... Later

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