Play With Me
2005-04-18 16:34:27 (UTC)

Letter to Flertkilla

Danielle, you kno that i am alwayz here for you and i kno
you have alwayz been here for me too. We have constantly
been reminding ourselves and each other of this, perhaps
because we both dont want to let go of it. But we dont have
to, because we kno that regardless of anything, we will
alwayz be here for each other. And i have not grown out of
you, yes i do need you less, but only because you have
built me up, you have grown up in me. You have created me
tha way i am, without you, i would not be tha way i am
today, and you have made me strong. No, we are not alike,
much, but there are traces of you running all thru me and
we both kno it, and so does everyone else. Nothing can
change that. We both kno that no matter what happens btwn
you and kenndal, that you will never stray from each other.
You will never forget, you will not need to push yourself
to forget. Kenndal is a part of you more than any other man
in your life has been, and woman for that. I am so
confident to say that you would give up meagen for kenndal,
a statement that is very dangerous to make but very true. I
kno how much you love your mother out of desperacy alone,
and yet how you respectfully hate her. What else can be
expected? You must never let her consume your mind and
pollute it and your love. And you kno that would happen,
me, Kenndl, we would all be gone. You must never surrender
to that which would destroy you. And you kno that if you
ever had a child and i could get it, that i would under any
circumstance. I have alwayz known that. I was thinking
about it tha other day actually. Really, I would take it in
for you and kenndal and you kno that i would. I would fight
with everything to get tha child, and teach it about you,
and let it kno every day that it's mama and daddy loved it
so very much. Yes, you kno i am here and always will and
now i have found a ay to stay over tha summer and be here.
We have two years before you can get away. Just two years
before you can leave all of this. Just hold on to anything
until then. And we will alwayz be sisters, just like on
ginger snaps back as they say, "together forever", no
matter what. we will be true juggalette homies for life and
death and nothing can stop us, just remember that if
anything. Nothing can stop us, together forever.

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