This is My Life
2005-04-18 09:11:20 (UTC)

18 April 2005

Wow, I apologize. I really need to remember this
thing. Well, an update I guess. I worked on my truck all
weekend. I'm pretty sore but I'll get over it. It's 5 in
the morning. I've been up since 3, don't ask why. I got 3
hours of sleep, that's good enough I guess. I'm going to
school in a couple hours, I can't wait. I meant to go see
Adrian this weekend but I got busy so I couldn't. So, now
I'm going to make it up to her later this morning.

I'm not saying how. Anyway, Saturday, one of
my "Friends" Jimmy, stopped by, ugh, he's such an annoying,
immature, little punk. I know I can be immature sometimes
but that much immaturity is annoying. He's 17 years old,
he needs to start growing up. Aside from all that, this
uh, good lookin 14 year old offered for me to come over and
have sex with her. I mean, she didn't say it that bluntly
but, in lamen terms, that's what she said.

I told her no. Then I spent two hours explaining to
her the problems with it. How it could ruin both of our
lives. She finally understood and said okay. I mean, it
probably would have been some good sex, lol, but no. I
love Adrian way too much to ever even think about cheating
on her. Well, I need to take a shower so I'm gonna go.

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