The Family Tree
2005-04-18 07:20:38 (UTC)

4th Aunt of the FS

this aunt of mine is a story of rags to riches one. when
she was married, they stayed in an apartment on a crowded
place in the metro. and now, they are living in luxury. so
much luxury. i think luck has something to do with this or
is it their conversion of religion? you see, they used to
go to church back then when i was still living near them,
they are regular church goers. and somehow somewhere they
decided to change course and the more they became richer
and richer. maybe it was hardwork but i think it was more
a religious matter. so why not convert ourselves now to be
rich like them? and very lucky too.
4th aunt of the FS has an air of sophistication even way
back then. she would shop at classy stores and she does
not go to SM dept stores. her belongings are all branded
and mostly from japan. she is branded conscious and she
was the one who said that giordano is a good name even
when giordano was still unknown in the philippines. she
gave it as a gift to my sister Y.
sometimes though she does not know how to acknowledge and
be thankful when you do something good to her. she does
not value people who has less in life because maybe she
deals with money-rich people everyday in her life and even
her daughter in law, well, she should be a wealthy known
girl. some relatives are not minded because maybe money is
the root of all acquaintances. if you dont have that, you
are nothing in her eye. so who wants to convert?
her family wears rolex. each and everyone of them.
her family is too rich its hard to reach them.
she just wants to entertain relatives coming from abroad
and if you come from the province, then you are just one
of the regulars--not minded.
i dont know if she is a good person because she had
changed so much since then. who influenced her i dont
know. or maybe money influenced her.
so who wants to be converted?

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