daddy's little time bomb
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2005-04-18 05:38:40 (UTC)


i wish they knew how much i cared. all of them. i just dont
understand why they wont believe me when i say shit.
if i say ill do it i will. If i promise it's a fucking
don't take my words for granted. they are all i have to
offer and I think hard about what i say and when the right
time is to say it. so dont doubt me for one moment.
seriously not one single moment. i will pull through im a
good friend.
i mean dont get me wrong.... i make mistakes i have flaws
but i can most of the time make up for them. my intensions
are good. if i even consider you a friend im not planning
on turning my back on you...ever. I mean unless i think
that you have done something really fucked up to another
friend. then i must tell them. sorry but thats the way it
goes. if you clim someone is your friend and backstab them
i have a problem with you. im sorry but i do.
I had a kick ass weekend. i went to my moms which was fun
cuz i really miss seeing her. shes like one of my best
friends. its pittiful.....and true. yeah thats right haha
my mom is like one of my best friends. well lets see we did
tons of shopping because im addicted to it and such. But we
went out to din din and the waiter paid for all my cake.
awe precious! it made me feel all happy inside. its cuz of
my hair. i know it. no one can resist the poof. lol jk. but
seriously. im really kidding....or am i? ahahha. moms
fiance isnt really all that bad. hes pretty nice i guess.
he puts up with all my shit. like how i made the band
thingy play at our table three times and made friends with
the acordian player. and made fun of all the prom kids.
ahahaha. goobery little prom new word.
so mandy is moving to kentucky. am i lucky or what? now
bob is mine. But seriously i dont really want her to go. i
love her dearly and she is a fun girl but i think it would
be a good thing for her. she needs to be less dependant of
bob and living with her mom would be a cool thing for her.
she has been thinking about it for a long time and now she
finally is. on may 3rd. ill deffinantly take time out to
have fun with her before she leaves. ill miss her face. i
might cry awe. haha sad times.
but bob told me that he said "im bored theres nothing to
do. i miss sara" right in front of mandy and she got all
butt hurt. sad!! he said he couldnt wait to see me tomorrow
awe funness im excited. i sound so pittiful but me and him
always have fun and we are going to a show in midvale.
destroy something beautiful. fun fun. cant wait. but i
guess mandy might go and he doesnt really want her to in a
way cuz she hangs all over him. i make this sound like he
completely hates her. he really seriously doesnt. he is
just a wee bit frustrated. or something lol.
well i guess ill be off or something i dont know i could
write forever but i guess i wont for now