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2005-04-18 05:35:15 (UTC)

sick, depressed, lonely

well, I have a head cold and am feeling depressed. I am on
a down cycle currently. I am bored with work and have
little social life. I want to speak to Melinda at work, not
sure what to say. Will be having poker at the house next
Saturday. It should be fun. I would like to ask Melinda,
Nat and Maria. I will probably ask none. I have at least 8
for Saturday.

I am feeling lonely currently. Emailed Nat about her
website it was this was wrong thanks. No how are you doing
or anything. The last few emails I have received seem as
though she is being bothered. Her responses seem as though
she has to respond. I am probably reading more into than
there is, however I am usually right. Everytime I write
her, I constantly check my email waiting for a response and
go through these scenarios in my head of her response. When
she does respond I am always disappointed. I expect her to
say come over or I need you, I have watched to many movies.
I need to stop emailing her, it only depressed me.

I want a girlfriend just to have one. I'm afraid I am
going to end up settling.
Can't wait to start scuba diving. Can't wait for the
summer. Look forward to going.
Not sure if I going to work tomorrow. If I do, I will be
moping around looking for sympathy. Pathetic.

Well, anyway, time for bed.

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