Autum's Leaves
2005-04-17 23:46:16 (UTC)

My Big Brass Balls

Yeah, that's right. I've got bigger balls than most
guys. Please know I'm being figurative.

The Kid, right. I asked him to Prom and he says he's
going to be out of town on a Beach trip, but that if he
was here than he'd totally go with me. But, then we were
talking about me hitting on him and he says..."But I'm not
sure if MY GIRLFRIEND would like it." ....


Holy crap. Wouldn't it have been cool if he had told me
he was taken when I was hitting on him so hardcore? I
don't know, I think that might be something
like...respectful? But what do I know?

Yet, I still had the balls to talk to him and basically
ask him out and to Prom and stuff. Now, we just have to
see if he has the balls to still be cool and be friends.

Speaking of friends, CW cancelled on me again today.
I'm starting to get pissed. I hung out with one of my good
friends last night and drank some beer and had a REALLY
great intellectual discussion, got to bed at three, got up
around eight. Ugh. Came home, did laundry...too cold to
lay out in the sun at ten.

Also, there ...Omg, Numa Numa just came on the radio
and I just creamed...

So, there's a guy who bet me three hundred dollars that
my picture wasn't really me. I proved him wrong and we're
going to meet next weekend in a mall (my friend and
I)...if I get three hundred dollars, I'm buying us
something super fricking cool. Then I'm saving the rest
for my ticket to the Bahamas. Yippie.

My Ex and I got in a fight the other night, like
normal, but we both felt really bad about it and talked a
little afterword and was happy. We were supposed to chill
today, but he thought we were chilling tomorrow instead of
today and there's probably going to be a booty call
tomorrow. It's weird having a fuck buddy that I'm not
attracted to...or anything else. I just love to have him
as a friend. Like, I would never want our relationship in
any other way. I'm just SUPER happy with us right now.

So, I lost weight and gained it back this weekend. I
didn't do ANYTHING today except sleep by accident while I
was reading these books my super cool buddy gave me.
They're about a Vampire hunter whose actually pretty
badass, I guess I just haven't got to the part where the
book exemplifies that. Haha, but it's good. It's nice to
have a book to immurse myself in again.

Yay for techno! Good techno, that is.

Oh, and by the way, I learned this week I'm a
chapstick/lipgloss junkie.

Ah those things only your closest friends tell you.