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2005-04-17 23:37:57 (UTC)

from Russia with love

so friday night me and zach managed our way up to the cuse
for a visit. we got there around 1130ish and sat around
drinking some brews and watching this awesome japanesse
movie that miya brought over. some kid was all crazy
about this crappy vodka that was prob. the worst tasting
shit i have ever tasted i was like drink some jack you
fool. this movie featured gutiar wolf and was also a
zombie drinking game it was hard to follow but it was
still cool, featured flying guitar picks, mics that spit
fire, and tranny love, and Rock 'n' roll, and a memorable
quote in love knows no boundaries, nationalities or
gender. sat. we went to quiznos got some subs and whatnot
then chilled and played wheel of fortune for a while. then
zach and i had to make a phone call and as he puts it he
turns his back and i returned with a 40, met up with
kristin and julia for a little bit then went to a bbq. at
the bbq miya did my makeup and i was looking for glamish
for the days festivies, which included beer pong, shooting
people with a pellet gun and me skating around and a beer
run on a skateboard. i'm glad i got to see everyone and
had a blast while doing it, and i didn't die so i kept a
promise which is an accomplishment in my book. some good
quotes were passed around too.

with hugs and kisses and bedtime wishes, from russia with