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2005-04-17 18:19:22 (UTC)

Saturday Night

Well. Saturday night went ok. i guess. i went out to the
club. i played pool and everything. i drank a few beers.
danced a few times it was ok. i got hit on twice. by girls
lol. Kevin bounced at another club, so we didnt get to
hang out. lol. and then when i went to see him after he
got home, it was right after he got home, he wasnt feelin
too good because he got pepper sprayed in the eyes lol. he
got a little carried away when he was breakin up a fight.
so i told him i would probably go see him today. i didnt
drink too much last night though. ohh mi goodness i gotta
tell you what happened! last night on my way to the club i
was drivin along, and i dont know the road very well. and
its really curvy. well i was drivin and all of a sudden
there are these two pretty snow white dogs, one on each
side of the road. and it was ironic cause i thought to
myself after i saw them, hmm. its like angel dogs tellin
me somethin is about to go wrong. then as SOON as i
thought that this giant curve came out of nowhere and i
was goin like, 70. and i came THIS close to goin over the
edge. i slammed on my breaks and slide like, way too much.
i left skid marks. it was freaky. i about had a heart
attack. well anyway. thats all i guess. it was freaky.

**dont drink and drive!**

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