Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
2005-04-17 15:36:37 (UTC)

Won't you? Will you?

*posts poem/song in hope that I won't embarrass myself or

"Won't you? Will you?"

I want to hold your hand
Won't you except mine?
I want to understand
Won't you help me?
I want to hug you
Won't you let me?

Will you pull your hand away?
I can't say
Will you let me listen to your heart?
Hear what lingers in that broody head?
I don't know
Will you open up your arms?
Or push me away?
I don't know
I can't say

Doubt fills my mind
Will it stay?
I just can't say
But I hope one day
You'll answer my questions
And hopefully
You'll let me stay
Better yet, want me to


~As I was writing it I couldn't help but sing it in my mind.
In my mind I can sing beautifully...don't know whose voice
it is though!
I don't know how other people read it in their head (or
aloud), and to me the poem/song only sounds 'right' or
'good' if it's read a certain way.
But even if people did hear me read or sing (haha!) it, it
doesn't sound right cause I have a sucky speaking voice and
I can't sing.... only in my head can I say it right. So...yeah.

~So honestly, what do you think? I think I finally came up
with a poem saying certain things without sounding totally
pathetic. . Do you? Please tell me!

*blows kiss*