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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-04-17 12:45:02 (UTC)

diary 16-04-05


saturday...long hard day. with change of seasons come times
for new clothes so out with the old and in with the new.
people want bargains so who am i to deny them, especially
right now when i am feeling so good about everthing.

i made a few people happy today, but most of all i made
myself and Master happy as well. i emailed him something
that bothered me and He was so pleased how i handled it.
some of the things i had said could easily be taken out of
context but Master allowed me the time to explain myself
before judging me. thank You Master J.

i have been writing my plea to Master J and while it
similar to what Master had suggested it is still my own
words. i am really nervous now. maybe i havent pleaded
enough, maybe i havent put enough words into it, maybe i
have worded it wrong. but i am basically happy with what i
have written, now to get it out of my heart via my mouth so
Master can hear what my heart is saying.

love jessica