my own corner of the world
2005-04-17 01:30:55 (UTC)

damn good times and unfulfillment

State forensics was yesterday... I got a 23 out of 25...
That's pretty good... Of course I had been hoping for a
25, who doesn't? And my judge took a point off for
something he shouldn't have, but either way I still would
have ended up with a silver medal, and that's still
something to be proud of... Especially considering last
year I only got a 18. It was a lot of fun down there
though. The bus driver's really cute little 4 year old
son came with us. He was just adorable... a little
annoying toward the end of the bus ride when all I wanted
to do was sleep, and he wanted to do knock-knock jokes...
but that's a 4 year old for you... All the seniors stayed
up in our room too to watch movies. So it was just me,
Mandy, Emanda, Danielle, and Jeven and we watched Hide and
Seek... (which is an incredibly disturbing movie)... and
then Jeven left cuz he had to get up really really early
this morning, and the rest of us ordered Hitch then too.
That's a really funny movie. I feel kind of bad for the
people in the rooms next to us with all the laughing we
were doing.

State Street was a pretty good time too, as usual. We
went to Paison's (not sure how that's actually spelled),
which is actually in University Square, but whatever... It
was really really really good there. The lasagna was

I found out that Jared's going to prom... but he's taking
Dusty Jo... I guess they're just going as friends, but
Rachel and I were talking about it and agree that it's
really weird that she wouldn't go with Matt... Sure, they
broke up, but they're still making out all over the place
and stuff so it just seems a little odd that she wouldn't
go to prom with him... But whatever.... I'm no longer
expecting anything to ever happen between him and me
anyway... so I may as well just give up on that hope. No
matter how hard it'll be. But I really don't think that
Dusty is the kind of girl he should be with. He should be
with someone who's at least not a huge ditz. I'd rather
see him with Rachel if he's going to be with someone
besides me....

Whatever... It doesn't matter anymore I guess....

"Don't ask God to give you an easy life, ask Him to make
you a stronger person."

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