The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-04-16 22:34:14 (UTC)


Dear Diary

hey, it's me. We just got back from cheddars a little while
ago. Guess who we met up there. Jason. Yay! Mom and dad
approved and now I have a new friend. He's really cool.
We're supposed to go to the movies tomorrow night after he
gets off work. No, Joey Doesn't know. It's ok though cause
I'm not gonna date him or kiss him or anything. Just a
friend. he seems really cool and hey, he passed my mom's
inspection Oh well. Just thought you should know
this. hehe

Man, I'm pissed. I hate getting my hopes up and then let
down. Mom said we were gonna go to the mall but, guess who's
not going! Shit. It just makes me mad. I dunno know why. I
just wanted to return some stuff and whatever but, oh well.
Guess not.

Joey and I are....ok I guess. we hardly every talk anymore.
I mean maybe 10 minutes out of the day. I konw it's coming
to an end, I just don't know when. I guess I should
anticipate it. Enjoy what little we still have. lol. Right?

Well, I should probably go. I'm really not in a great mood
and I don't feel like typing. I don't feel like talking and
typing is like talking. Ugh.


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