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2005-04-16 21:38:49 (UTC)

I got a question for ya...

What is it with me? Am I destined to just go around and
not enjoy my weekends without seeing those stupid ass
people? I mean, I'm not the type to hate someone... but
of course, there are those few people... and I'll be
damned if yesterday I was working with Kick Butts Day and
those two people decide that during their lunch they were
gonna come check out the booths. Well, that's fine, I
don't care, freedom is freedom... but then they come past
MY booth and he decides to stare... and so what the hell
am I supposed to do?!?! I was pissed, then they think
it'll be fun to get their lunches and stand in the gym
lobby where our booths were set up and just STAND there...
about 20 feet away from me, just lookin down where I was.
WTF is their damn deal?!?!?!?! Does she wanna have her ass
kicked that damn bad? Cuz if she does, fine, just let me
know...I'll be happy to oblige!! She is so damn irritating
and he is just an ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
can't believe they had the nerve! Then, today, I went to
the flea market...and guess who the fuck was there....
HIM!! OMG!! I was so damn pissed off...he was out there
with someone and he walked past me... staring of course..
and to top it all off, he circled around and had to walk
back by again...WTF is his deal?!?! I don't know... but
yea, that's my day in a nutshell...
anyways, when they were staring, I just got OVERLY pissed
and started cussing...right there in the lobby...with
about 5-7 ppl around... I just couldn't deal with it
anymore!! I was cussin his ass out and he was across the
corridor area thingy! I was callin him every type
of "fuck" in the book!! I can't deal with them anymore, I
seriously think I'ma just freak on them soon and just
start beating her ass and I know that even though me and
my bro don't get along all the time, he'll deal with HIM.
I think..I hope... I know...and if he doesn't, then if C
messes with me, my uncle Kenny will kick his ass for me...
I hate them, but ya know, there's nothin i can do about it
for now and I'ma try not to stoop to their level anyways..
cuz they will NEVA EVA get on my level as long as they
fuckin live!!! They can't handle it with tha normal
people... they gotta be fuckin scabs...bottom feeders...
but that's them, not me...
well, I'm out...
P.S. -- I still LOVE SA and PHIL STONE!!! sexy ass!!
1 life, much love, xoxo