Dragon Eyes And Angel Wings
2005-04-16 18:32:12 (UTC)

Lack Of Teeth

I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday. I
was pretty scared. It took almost 2 hours. Apparently I've
got quite a narrow jaw where they meet at the back and
thats where the wisdom teeth were located so it made it a
little complicated for the oral surgeon. I look like a
chipmunk. My cheeks and jaw hurt a LOT more than they did
yesterday. They gave me some T3's and told me to take an
Advil with it every time I take one. And they they gave me
some other pills... an anti swelling pill and one to fight
off the chance of infection. I hate taking pills. When I
took my first ones yesterday, I threw them up a litle bit
later. Maybe they just didn't agree with my stomach.
Anyways it's time for me to go eat some more damn yogurt
and soup.

-Dragon Eyes-

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