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2005-04-16 15:38:01 (UTC)


i just read cattlins journal.. and she read mine about
anal.. sex. she like fuck if anythings going up my ass...
lol.. i think she think i wanna do it analy. but she
wrong. cuz her poop shoot says the same thing mine does..
*exit only* lmao.. oh i just thought that was funny the
way she wrote that it was halareous..

yeah i kinda no catt doesnt wanna go to the riverlot she
could just say she doesnt it'll be fine i dont care.. she
wants to go but she doesnt wanna go to watch people work..
and im thinkin.. Hello ur talkin about abunch of hicks.. u
really think were gunna work the whole time.. that would
be crazy i no im not gunna work the intire time.. im gunna
be playin with da *fIrE*. yeah yeah fire awesome..lol
bevis and butthead moment* lol..

lol. last night. cattlin and i were fighting.. but we
werent really fighting. it was like a play fight.. it was
fun.. i kind enjoyed it..lol.. i nicked named her hemroid*
because she a pain in my ass sometimes.. but i still love
her.. lol.

talk to guys later.. *lol*.. i said poop shoot

lmao. im hyper 2day

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