My Diary
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2005-04-16 14:59:46 (UTC)

school, life, drama

School is boring... school is fun... school is probably
one of the most important things to any kid or teen's life.
I guess our country wants to make certain that we learn
everything we can before we reach adulthood.
In school, many people not only learn what we're
supposed to, but also certain life skills that will help us
get through life. I suppose that this applies to your social
life, and if you can maintain a good reputation. Many of the
people I see at school go through peer pressure. I see and
hear about many different people who either try to fit in or
are bullied into being or doing something. As for me, I try
to stay away from such peer pressures in order to not be
involved in any conflicts. I suppose that means that one day
I may be an ordinary bystander, but I hope that when the
right time comes, my bravery will appear one day.
School creates problems as well as solves problems. But
hey, what doesn't have pros as well as cons? Well, in school
you meet a lot of people, and some of the people you meet,
you may become attracted to. As for me, when I feel a
certain attraction for someone, it bothers me and my
schoolwork. I feel less concentrated, and more in a
dreamworld than reality. This certain feeling can sometimes
last for years or even just a day. For one of my friends,
his/her feeling has lasted for about 7 years- my friend
continues to like this person.
Humans are subjected to group. For some mysterious
reason or another, people just like to group people. For
instance, we may group by size or ability, or by race,
gender, or even a certain quality we may have. These
groupings can creat problems to our society that sometimes
gets very annoying. At school, we have groups by what we
wear and what we like to do. These groups often exclude
people because what they don't have. Once again, it is only
by human nature that I see why people do this. When I think
about the future and groups, I can only see that the groups
we elimated today, are the groups that formed different
groups of tomorrow. I'm not sure if this will make sense to
anyone besides me, or if anyone even decided to read this,
but to me, this is just a good chance to let my writing flow.

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