Ramblings of a Mom
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2005-04-16 13:59:43 (UTC)

Back to Normal, Sort Of

I think it's been a little while since I have written in
here. I'm going to keep it fairly brief today, I've got a
whiny little one at my feet and am waiting to see if he is
going to take a nap before we go back out to the campout
with the Cub Scouts.
So, the Cliff Notes version of things. Our private (sex)
life has gotten back to normal all of a sudden. It's very
nice to have my old husband back again.
Our life otherwise has been rather eventful, even stressful
at times. My father-in-law has been taking some rather
serious falls, even requiring staples in his head after one
of his falls. Adult Protective Services was called for
safety concerns (he lives alone). They have investigated,
and from what I got from the email from the cousin that
tends to him once a week, the only concern was that he
continues to drive now. We'll be there in 6 weeks and the
list is being developed of what needs to be done while we
are there.
Our finances have absolutely sucked lately, we had the
general unexpected happen and eat up our budget. I broke a
tooth, that was $200 between 2 dentist visits (b/c one
dentist wanted to charge me $800 for a crown, while the
other one just wanted to fill it). Then our water valve
went bad on our refrig/freezer and that was $185 to have it
fixed. So, our bills slid, and I missed our electric bill
and when I returned with our sons from a field trip to the
zoo, I discovered our electricity was cut off. That was
$306 that we weren't expecting to spend right now.
Then, the next day, Wednesday, I took our son to the doctor
for his 15 month well check and the doctor ordered a Cat
Scan for him because his head is too big. It has grown at
a steady rate, so it's not that it's all of a sudden, but
since it has not slowed down nor has his body caught up
with it, they want to check him to make sure that it's just
genetics, and not something wrong. I was okay with it
(even though they will have to sedate him to do it, kinda
scary) until my Mom starts telling me that my brother had
an oversized head too, and they never checked him, and he
ended up having a seizure disorder. Okay, now you're
getting me to worry!
This happens Tuesday morning and my husband is taking off
to be there with us when it happens. God Bless Him!
Well, that's the long and short of things, my husband and I
are closer than ever, even with all that has gone on (it's
like the difficulties make us closer, kinda weird, don't
you think?), and we are just praying that our son has a big
head to hold all of those brains he's bound to have! :)