void deck
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2005-04-16 10:58:46 (UTC)

a-not-so-memorable day

i love pride and prejudice. it's such a beautiful movie
with a happy ending. and the british accent. oh, i simply
could not resist watching it over and over again. it's
simply lovely. and the book is lovely too. determined to
use that text in my lit exam. don't know about macbeth
though. it's an important text (it's shakespeare, for
goodnees' sake!) yet i still find it difficult to
understand. did not enjoy the movie also. sigh.

today is a 'library' day. spent the whole day in library.
1.5 hour studying physics and watch movie for 3 hours. and
now i am writing in my online diary. aiyo. and yesterday i
did not study at all. spent the whole night playing
bridge. a boring session however.

i seriously need to start working on my modules. exam in
exactly a week time and i am not at all prepared. i don't
know how i am going to get through this.

am going to church tomorrow. after a 3 month hiatus. miss
going to church. i hope i can find the love for God again.
i need it as much as i need oxygen.

i feel great sense of anger everytime i think about my
tutee. gosh. seriously need an anger management.

i think about the part where he remembered offering me
pineapple tart. it feels so warm. that's like the sweetest
thing that he ever did to me.

sigh. i'm hopeless.

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