My New Journey
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2005-04-16 09:49:41 (UTC)


Like that song "Break Away" that is how I am feeling to BA
and find my true self. It's B and S is trying to hang on
and make amendments to mama through me. Even I've noticed
and friends have too that I act alittle as though she is
alive and even take on a few traits of hers which is

I have self-consciously went along with all of this for the
last few months. Now I fully am being to realize this and
need to break away from this image and find the real me. I
need to distance myself from B and S for a while and just
be their sister (if even that is possible).

I need to find my own way in this world and so must they.

Now signals keep going off, warning me that there is no way
that I want to make spaceguy my husband or even my
perminant BF. I like him and the fun we have but that is
all. His personality and the way he lives is not for me.