K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
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2005-04-16 04:34:57 (UTC)

Guacamole, Beer and Marijuana

I had the guacamole and thought that I'd buy some chips
(jalepeno) and once I got home, I found the beer. I keep
mary jane beside me so now that we've mixed the three,
we'll see I suppose. Let's hope it doesn't end with puke.
The hunger has started again. I thought it was gone for
awhile but it's returned full force.The place in which I
reside isn't quite hell, but it sho ain't home. I gotta
get up outta this joint. I've got a photographer
practically stalkin me after I said I wanted some pics
taken. I'm a little low on ends (Jamaica tapped me dry for
the moment)but I should still get em done and outta the
way. Then start sendin them bitches out across the cities
like confetti, all I need is one right phone call.THis is
what I meant about the hunger. IT consumes me, till I can
think of nothing else. BUt getting on, then building once
I'm on. But more than anything right now its just small
steps, one thing at a time. I'm right on the fucking
edge, i just need that last motherfuckin shove to take the
plunge and explore any and everything.
So this fake ho at my job is talkin as though we buddies
touchin my hair and what not. Part of me cringed, and
wants to slap her, but the civil docile side said play
cool. I might have to come correct with her if this goes
any further,which it will. Whatever, so now that I have
jamaica covered I'm stoked. Larry still plans on going,
not so stoked anymore....but whatever he can still go but
I'm seriously thinkin about seperate rooms, yup mental
All continues to be wretched on the home front. My mom and
her sister still aren't speaking. and grnadma and my uncle
are still doing dumb things to one another. My cousin, my
dear, sweet, young cousin.
Other than that things is decent round here. I just
completed another long days work and I'm up early and off
to it once more tomorrow. so I'll be off to bed now.