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2005-04-16 00:46:28 (UTC)


OK, so it's been one week since I went to the Silent
Aggression show, and I'm having serious D.T.s!!! I want to
see them again!!!! It's driving me insane!! I want to see
Phil... and I know Toy wants to see Matt!! Just to clarify
here... I like Phil, Toy likes Matt... when I said I like
Matt, I meant as a friend...not like "hubba hubba" likein
him... ya know?... well then, so yea, I'm checkin out
there website now...lookin at phil's sexy body...and just
wishing that I was at the c.d. signing again. and to
think, I almost didn't go...cuz i heard that there was
gonna be a BAD fight that night... weapons involved and i
didn't want to be a part of that!! But i'm sooo glad i
did go! i woulda missed so much and missed out on an
awesome, kick ass show and three even more kick ass
bands... which all rocked OUT!!!

on another subject, I'm so fuckin sick of tim blake and
all his bullshit with Toy! He is gonna wind up gettin his
ass whooped and handed to him!!

I'm planning on sponsoring SA and TM on this site, so look
for updates comin soon!! My comp is pissin me off right
now, so I'ma restart it, then I'll add more about them to
it.... BBS...

1 life, much love, xoxo

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