About a Girl
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2005-04-15 22:54:36 (UTC)

it's cool, we can still be friends

wut's the diff between girlfriend and girl (space)
friend?? itz especially hard to tell when he puts his arm
around u..mixed signals drive me crazy..everyone's
like "omg he is so flirting wit u and he so likes u" but
then he goes on talking about wanting to get wit other hello, im right here and i don't know wut i want
so just kiss me and we'll go from there..argh..he pisses
me off but i get jealous when i think of him wit other
anyway..i can't remember wut happened this week @
skool..itz all a boring blur..but itz the weekend and i
wuz gonna babysit saturday morning but they cancelled
which is good but also bad cuz i wuz gonna use the money
to pay for seylynn..
and another being more bitchy then usual @
home..and itz not even PMS..itz like im all happy @ skool
and wit my friends..but then i come home and im sick of
being a parents r wondering about me and i just
say itz exams..and exams r partly it but itz sumthing else
but i can't figure out wut that something is..