Flying on broken wings
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2005-04-15 21:13:12 (UTC)

April 15th

Dear diary,

Today there is no school, so I was left to sleep in untill
2:47pm. I woke up and mum came in the room, "Your still
asleep? Do you know what time it is?" I just nodded, not
really caring, 'Yeah, 2:47" with that my mum left my room
and I went to the restroom, I looked the door and got in
the shower. I came out and hurried to my room, for my
brothers and their friend were playing in the playroom
just outside my room. I got dressed rather quick, but for
some reason I just felt really out of it. Shaking it all
off I came downstairs and got myself a hotdog, then I came
in here to write in you.

Well going back now, I think (If I came remember
correctly) that the last time I posted was Monday the
11th... wow, to lnog ago, and really nothing to write
about. Well lets see, there was only things going on the
14th. Well I woke up early for school, and I tried to call
Kevi, but he was sleeping. Then I went to first period and
finished off my project, and then went through 6th period
and stayed awake all day even though I went to be about 12
just talking with Kevi and Cody. Then after school
everyone went home, and I waited and waited till I got a
call from Lita, but duh, they waited untill I had to go to
TKD. So I went to the adult class only of TKD and then
went right off to Lita's house. It was fun! We had pizza
too, I have cheese, but I put salt on it, and so it filled
me up faster. We played cards, pool and Fi and Sango
played on the computer. Oh! We also played in the big
hole, that was fun, but I almost slipped into the dark
water, but Lita caught me. Murdock had more balance than
me so he got around and sat on the ledge, I just layed
down and looked up to the moon. I was really happy, cause
it was so much fun. Well after that I came home with
Murdock and koona, they dropped me off at my house, thats
when I set off the house alarm. I finally got in, and was
awake by then, so I grabbed the phone and went to my room.
I called up Kevi, and we talked untill mid-night, and that
made me happy.

Well thats all that I really have to say for now, oh and
diary, I have to make a web page in dedication to Mr.
Ridge... I just have to, he means so much to everyone, and
hardly anyone knows anything about him-.. I just have to..

-Amy -4:13pm

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