Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-04-15 17:34:24 (UTC)

unveil **song**

Acquaintances never try to understand why we live our lives
in a lie. It’s not really that-We’re just trying to get by
in this so called life now and no one understands how we
try to show the world who we are.
By endless battles all fought in our mind but I never took
the time to explain what this meant to me-What will ever
be. S child of a friend trying to be just like me cause you
know and I know that this is a show off its rocker.
-All I wanted was to be happy. All I wanted was to express
who I used to be. All I want now is to be with you now.
Cause ain’t no body gonna tell me that I don’t live this
Just because I don’t live up to your expectations doesn’t
mean that we need another altercation. Cause it’s time to
look forward and forget the past cause in a matter of
moments I could lose you so fast.
So with out hesitation, debating and more. The need for
less to unveil this, this addressed to you cause it’s true
about how I once lived before. A true spoken child and a
bottled galore. Keeping up the broken pieces, living like a
beast that never had an opportunity to explore for
something more

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