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2005-04-15 17:12:47 (UTC)


People are wierd..... they annoy me so much, their all
dumbasses. Sometimes thats good tho. Like Ben, last night
we were on tha phone and our conversation was like::: Ben "
Im hungry..... What time is it?" Bailey " South Park is
on?" Ben " those are the three most random things ive heard
in a while in order." Yea, were bored ass people! Oh yea,
and Amber......I WANT MATT MOSER. You want Phil if you dont
remember, but i get to keep Matt and thats all there is to
it!!!!! Sorry about that outbreak, just had to clear that
up for now. Yea, Danielle is all depressed over Kenndal.
His dad isnt letting him come back down from Virginia until
Summer, and that's six weex she has to live without seeing
him. Kenndal cant show any love to her in front of his dad
while he's on tha phone wid her either, he cant say he
loves her or anything, Or he'll kik his ass. It's bullshit,
absolute bullshit, and i feel so bad for her. I kno
Danielle so well and i fear she could buckle under this
preassure. Anybody else who thinx they kno her would say
that she'll just cheat on him and be done, well i am proud
to say that Danielle hasn't cheated on Kenndal tha whole
year theyve been dating ( he wont be down for their year
anniversary coming up either) and dont expect her to
because kenndal is different. As for tha Tim situation, I
have realized ( Ben explained it to me) That i have done
tha worse thing possible to Tim, and that was deny him
publicly and privately. In tim's world, he is God, and i
denied god. Well, other than his mouth ive been doin pretty
good lately, just chillin... Gotta find people to chill wid
this weekend, definitely bobby. Well...i guess thats about