whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-04-15 16:50:50 (UTC)

b4 God

these r the problems i had b4 God came along and saved me
from the pool of darkness n depression:
1-eatin disorder evn tho i still refuse 2 admit it but
theres no otha name 4 it
2-problems forgiving
3-problems lettin go(sortta the same thing)
6-rocker(rock on!)
7-more stuff...
8-problems with dad
9-wanted 2 kill ppl(anger)
10-wanted 2 kill parents
11-no tru frendz
12-mom n i hated eachotha
13-no relationship wit grandma(still dont lol)
14-no money
15-hated the world
-_-_-_will elaborate on these problems lata

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