Angel Eliy
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2005-04-15 14:52:40 (UTC)


In a small island,
people are still building there,
so called-tradition
Totally controlled by their desires
And listen! Their words
Seeking one more step further to the heaven
Whether you like it or not
The brand new start in 2005
We are F.I.R.

無邊無際無窮 無限蔓延
無道無天無間 無限光遠
無悔無怨無限 無法超越的世界

紅色藍色灰色 黑色警戒
無色有色真實 虛幻空間
都是屬於我們 音樂自由的意念

Hold your tears
No matter what the people say
只有相信一種堅持 一種力量
能把失敗都摧毀 能把失敗都摧毀

只有我絕對 沒有後路可退
只有我超越 極限你看不見

Music and eternity
Searching for music and eternity
Now let's continue our stories about searching the
eternity in music
There is no limit, no extreme, no boundary, no edge
There is no fear at all
Let us be faithful to our dream
We are F.I.R.

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