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2005-04-15 12:34:12 (UTC)

Vacation ... The da Vinci Code


We went to the beach...soooooooo much people....their
not that clean either,it was alright. My bro wants to take
me and my cousin to the beach again thiz sunday.COOOOL!!!
i have finished my driving lessons!!!! I AM A DRIVER w/
parental guidance!!! hehehe...
just finished the Da Vinci Code... and dang has it caught
my attention!!!
I actually took out our bible and stared at the
picture of the last supper,the hand with a knife that has
no body and Mary Magdalene sitting by Jesus...Hmm it makes
me think could it be true...Jesus and
Magdalene...together? like married?
I wanted to read the book as soon as my dad finished
it but i was still busy at school completing my
requirments and I didnt want any distractions at that
time...So now its our vacation I took my time(I skipped
the chapters I found boring). I sure enjoyed it! I go to
a catholic school so it was also hard for me since I wasnt
familiar to this story ,my dad said its been around for
awhile even befor the da vinci code came out... And the
school doesnt really want to talk about this with us... I
understand...I think?
lol...whatever..its a good book thats all...It's up to the
reader on how real is it or not...but wait on the spine of
the book it says FICTION!! maybe that'd help.

= dark_angel

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