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2005-04-15 05:39:06 (UTC)


todays lesson i have gotten is how powerfull of a witch
that i really am, talking to another high prestess i have
learned alot of lessons that i can use, i know in my past
lifes that i was ancient egyption and a very powerfull one
but now i have learned of another past life in the 1400's
that i am still gaining knows and hows on but im sure i
Over the years i have learnt a number of stuff from many
diff high prestess or high prests of many diff beleives
then my own.
I know that i was once also a gypsy and that is why i am
now taking up belly dancing to get in touch with that side
of my past life and soul.

i know something very bad will happen to me over the next
few months and i know what it is but now all i can do is
wait and hope that i can change what is going to happen by
changing myself within and out.